Rental volatility in uk commercial property economics essay

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The same notion applies to the rental yield: higher rents make it less important for the property to appreciate in value in order to meet a certain expected return target set by the investor. However, rental yield alone, like the classic earnings-to-price ratio, is not a guarantee for a successful investment.

The UK saw modest rises in commercial property valuation growth, with total returns up by % in February while capital value growth and rental value growth were up by % apiece.

The London office space saw total returns in line with country wide totals, while industrials pushed up the average. In my last post I discussed at length the question of rationality.

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rental growth has strengthened significantly over the past months and industrial property is also now achieving healthy rates of growth (Figure 3). Conversely, retail rents have largely remained unchanged.

At the same time, rental growth has started to spread beyond London; while Source: UK National Statistics Figure 2. Over the sample period towhich includes over 20, commercial property transactions in the UK, we find that the average implied volatility of rental is about percent, the standard deviation of the transaction-based log rental index is percent and the average conditional variance, based on GARCH, EGARCH, and h2tARCH .

Rental volatility in uk commercial property economics essay
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